We create internet applications.
Avatar Creation Tool


A series of web tools to create themed funny profile pictures. There is a wide variety of subjects, from superheroes to pirates to zombies, with a huge choice of designs, colours and combinations.
Development Tool


As there are many languages in the World, with this Lorem Ipsum filler text tool, you can choose from a variety of base texts so you cover not only normal letters but also accents, special characters and other alphabets.


We aim at creating fun casual (retro-ish) games always with a bit of a twist on the original mechanics. We hope that you will enjoy playing the games at least the same we have enjoyed creating them.


Llenguado is an initiative with the goal of providing games, knowledge and open source code to national minorities so they can create games and tools to make it easier for them and their children to learn their own mother tongue.
Data Visualisation Tool


Create interactive data visualisation charts without back-ends. Transform your data into interactive SVG images, animated GIFs and still PNGs that you can easily insert on your websites, presentations and social media.